Day 1: BCT to Lake Vera
The track starts at the Franklin River, and the “Sodden Loddon” is the affectionate name given by bushwalkers to the button-grass plain through which it passes. Upon reaching the end of the Loddon Plains the track ascends into an ancient rainforest, alive with sublime smells of fungi and leaf matter. After a heart-pumping climb you will reach Lake Vera by late afternoon in time to set up camp, and have a well-earned wash in the creek.
Day 2: Lake Vera to Lake Tahune
We start at the shores of Lake Vera before beginning a long climb to the Barron Pass. Upon reaching the Pass, the splendour of the geological landforms become apparent. Shimmery green schists, diamond-hard quartzite, and towers of incredible angles jutting above the landscape make it a weird, wonderful and primeval setting. The track undulates around the sides of these peaks before descending to Lake Tahune, an alpine tarn at the base of the Cap’s sheer cliff face. If time, weather and energy permit, an afternoon ascent of Frenchman’s Cap is possible.
Day 3: Lake Tahune to Irenabyss
Irenabyss means “bottomless chasm of peace”. Here the turbulent waters of the Franklin flow into a deep and peaceful abyss. On a sunny day it is a great experience to swim up the narrow gorge, where mesmerising dapples of sunlight reflect on the water and play gently on the towering cliffs around. Lake Tahune to the Irenabyss and back is a long day-walk, so we start early to head out across the airy mountain ridges before steeply descending into the valley of the Franklin.
Day 4: Lake Tahune to Lake Vera:
We will pack up camp and descend from the mountains through the rainforest to Lake Vera. If based at Lake Tahune, it is an option to climb to the summit of Frenchman’s Cap for the sunrise that morning.
Day 5: Lake Vera to BCT
From Lake Vera it is simply a matter of returning the way we came to meet our bus to take us back to BCT.

Average Duration: 7 Days (5 days walking, 5 nights camping, 2 nights accommodation at BCT)

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