Day 1: We fly to Melaleuca airstrip near Bathurst Harbour and start our walk from there. We descend on gentle slopes to Freney Lagoon with the bleak New Harbour Range to the west, and then along the beach at Cox Bight to our campsite at Point Eric.
Day 2: A short steep climb up the Red Point Hills which gives us our first views of the track ahead to our destination at the river, and the Ironbound Range beyond. Gentle walking around the slopes as we gradually descend onto the flood plain of the Louisa River, which after fording, we make our campsite by its banks.
Day 3: An early start for the long and strenuous climb up the Ironbounds. We ascend from the moorland plain to an exposed alpine plateau on the range, with more stunning 3600 views from Louisa Bay to Federation Peak and beyond. We descend from the Ironbounds’ plateau on the more sheltered eastern side of the range through a temperate rainforest to our campsite is at the peaceful Little Deadmans Bay.
Day 4: This is a lay-day to recover from the previous days’ exertion and just to relax and enjoy the solitude.
Day 5: An easy day’s walking to Prion Beach and New River Lagoon. We walk the beach with the Southern Ocean booming on our right to the lagoon entrance, and cross it by rowboats to our campsite among the coastal tea-trees.
Day 6: A short wade along the sandy lagoon leads us to our track through the eucalypt forest and on to the aptly-named Granite Beach, and the delightful waterfall at our campsite. We camp with the sound of ocean breakers in a pretty treed glade above the granite boulders of the beach.
Day 7: We head inland from Granite Beach over the South Cape Range to our campsite at the beautiful lagoon at South Cape Rivulet - through button grass plains and open forest with views of Pindars Peak in the distance to the north, and more coastal views to the south.
Day 8: A pleasant, undemanding morning’s walk to our rendezvous with our mini-bus at Cockle Creek for our journey back to BCT.

Average Duration: 10 Days (8 days walking, 7 nights camping, 2 nights pre- and post-tour accommodation at BCT)

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