The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is a relatively compact park located between the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park to the west, and the Central Plateau Conservation Area to the east.

It comprises a high alpine plateau above the Mersey River gorge, and features stunning examples of the Central Plateau’s ancient past with countless exquisite tarns and lakes, remnant glacial moraines, and glacier-scoured mountains. Thick stands of ancient pencil pines survive, as do several species of bolster (or cushion) plants, along with sphagnum moss rafts on boggy outlet streams. It also features many of Tasmania’s unique marsupials along with dolerite cliffs (the Walls) and vestiges of past fur-trapping activity evidenced by several trappers’ huts.

Note that we use the afternoon and evening before your tour to fit you out with your gear, introduce you to your guide/s and answer any questions you may have. Pre- tour accommodation is at BCT and we will pick you up from either Hobart Airport or Hobart CBD and return you there the day after your tour.

Average Duration: 6 DAYS (4 days walking, 3 nights camping, 2 nights pre- and post-tour accommodation at BCT)

About Hobart CBD/Hobart Airport

Hobart CBD (advise address) or Hobart Airport (advise Flight Number and ETA)

We will pick you up at your location,
Hobart, Tasmania 7000

Dress Code

TOUR EXCLUSIONS (What clients need to bring on their tour):

• bathers (optional)
• camera - lightweight (optional) spare film and batteries (optional)
• hat or beanie
• medication (include sunscreen, blister protection, insect repellent, analgesics)
• pants - long (best with zip-off shorts, preferably synthetic)
• personal toiletries
• shirt - long-sleeved (preferably synthetic)
• socks - woollen (three pairs, “Explorer” or equivalent)
• thermal longs (leggings)
• thermal top
• underwear (preferably synthetic)
• walking boots - solid leather lace-up (well worn-in

Weather Information

Tasmania lies between latitudes of 40° and 43° south of the equator. However, despite this southerly location it enjoys a temperate and relatively mild climate, especially when compared with northern hemisphere countries that share similar latitudes. This is mainly due to Tasmania's weather extremes being moderated by the surrounding sea, which is no further than 115 km from any point on the island.

The major weather influences are the "Roaring Forties" (the prevailing westerly winds) generating high winds and heavy rainfall on the west and northwest coast, and low pressure systems (which regularly encircle the globe at this southerly latitudes) creating rapid falls in temperature. These low pressure systems are generally short-lived, only serving to briefly punctuate Tasmania's delightfully fresh, clean and invigorating climate. In midsummer daylight lasts for about 15 hours, and about nine in winter. Snow can occur any time during the year in alpine areas (with the heaviest snowfalls in July and August), but there is no permanent snowline.

Tasmania's temperatures range from occasional very hot days in summer to some bitterly cold nights in winter, although typically the weather is extremely pleasant.

Other Information

TOUR INCLUSIONS (What we provide on a fully-guided overnight tour):

• free transfers from and to Hobart CBD/Hobart Airport to BCT the afternoon before walking on the track the following day (where we outfit our clients, feed them and introduce them to their guide/s)
• accommodation on the last day of walking at BCT (plus evening dinner and breakfast the next morning) before transfer to Hobart/Hobart Airport the following morning
• communications equipment – emergency (PLB and/or satellite phone)
• first-aid kit (carried by guides)
• gaiters
• gloves - waterproof
• head torch - lightweight
• inflatable pillow (optional)
• jacket - fleece (choice of 300- or 200-weight fleece)
• park passes
• overpants - waterproof
• parka/shell jacket - waterproof
• plate, bowl and mug; cutlery
• rucksack (male 75l, female 65l) with waterproof pack liner
• sleeping mat (choice of standard or lightweight long; or lightweight three-quarter length)
• sleeping-bag (synthetic fill, rated to -50)
• sleeping-bag liner – silk or fleece
• stove and fuel (gas, shellite or methylated spirits)
• tent - two-person (shared)
• toilet paper; hand sanitiser (alcohol based); toilet spade
• trekking poles (optional)
• trekking towel (optional)
• water bottle or hydration pack